Our Independence Helps You

We work for you.

Let’s start with those two little words, “for you.” Anyone who has worked with a major brokerage house over the past few years may feel that their brokers have forgotten who they’re working for.  We believe it’s a problem.   The reason we’re together at Southwest Investment Advisors is because we felt it was increasingly difficult to do the one thing we entered the business to do in the first place: help our clients.  We strive to give you the honest, unbiased counsel you need to be as successful as you can with your investment portfolio.

You will never have to worry about any of us selling you our own proprietary products.  We are an independent firm.  We don’t have any.  We never will.

What you will get from us is simple: over 75 years of combined experience and knowledge selecting investments that will keep your goals and risk tolerance in mind.

And we will never forget that we work for you.